My boyfriend want me to watch Breaking Dawn with him. He want me to watch it with him. I can’t, wut.

    everything we been through, everything we did together, everything we promise, i want it to keep it going. the first few times we hang out, thats the real me. i dont want us just to throw everything away. everything we fought together either its distance or time to be together, i know deep down you it to continue. i want to continue. i once said i will fight till to end to have  you forever and be your only boyfriend, well im not giving up. recently letter you gave me, i read it over and over again, i start tearing. why? because it meant  alot to me. i want to be that “boyfriend” to make you happy and smile everyday. i dont want this one time to end everything we have. please? all im asking is a 2nd chance. 

    one mistake that was made, changed things between us. i wish we can move on from this mistake and go back to the things we used to have. if i  had a wish, i would wish back for all the happy things we did together. wish we can start over again

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